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Youtube popular music videos (at 1080p) have audio with a 16kHz cutoff, which means they have a quality akin to 128kbps mp3s (even though it can stream at 192kbps AAC). Spotify streams music at ~160 kbps in the Ogg Vorbis format (desktop version, free).

A quick image search shows that 128kbps mp3s were most common in Napster.

Music videos uploaded by the copyright owners (generally labels) are certainly monetized, which means for every view the video gets, the uploader earns a part of ad revenue. Even some videos that have music that the uploader doesn’t own the copyright to may get identified by Youtube and monetized by the content owners.

Conclusion: people nowadays are listening to music, for free, with the same audio quality they were content with 15 years ago, for free. Also, the industry has learned that piracy is inevitable and has embraced these online services as a result, which might not bring the revenue CDs did two decades ago, but they (now) know it’s better than nothing.

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